Holdem Poker Masters

Stu Ungar is considered by most to the greatest No Limit Texas hold em Poker gambler ever.

The 3 time World Poker Champion was born in New York in ‘53 and began playing poker prior to reaching his teens.

The young gambler started out betting gin and at the age of 10 had won his very first gin tournament, while on vacation with his mother and father. By the time he turned 14 the little poker maestro had turned pro and dropped out of school.

In 1954 Stu Ungar entered the history books by winning 10,000 dollars in a gin tournament without sacrificing a single hand, a record which still appears in New York these days.

The quick speaking superstar has been likened, in poker terms, to athletic greats like Joe Namath and Tiger Woods. Stu had a genuine skill for playing poker but regardless of his achievements in Holdem poker, he preferred playing gin.

Stu once said that there may a number of day be a far better NL Texas holdem player than him but he could not see how anyone could ever be a far better gin gambler.

In 1980 Stu was put on the world map as one of the very best Texas holdem Poker players in the earth when he was crowned World Poker Champion for the 1st time. Astonishingly it was the first time he had entered the tournament.

The following year he put aside any thoughts that it had been luck, by effectively protecting his crown. And in 1997 Stu set the record by succeeding his third World poker championship.

But this poker master also battled with drug abuse and a year right after winning his third title Stu died in his hotel room. According to doctors, he had died from a heart attack which was brought on by his lifestyle.

Stu had began with practically nothing but his skill and natural talent for the game which made this poker good a millionaire numerous times over.

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